Principal's message

I consider it a great privilege to partner with SPA Students, teachers and Parents in the awesome task of educating, guiding and nurturing students.

It’s a proud moment for all of us as I Principal of SPA, Dindigul declare the opening of a updated website for our school. Thanks to the wonders of Science & Technology. Websites are colour creative spaces where one can share. Express open and create one’s magnificent ideas in the form of poems editorials plays skits and interesting articles.

Indeed we intend to turn on our website into a live creative hub of activity where sharing information goes on every hour every day.

In fact the parent fraternity can take an active part too and encourage the young ones.

Soon we intend having our own budding poets authors and Junior writers in fact the coactive compilation of ingenious ideas from all classes of various grades will make our website really colourful, so this splendid occasion I implore the blessings on our new updated website.

Today, the role of a school is not only to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the character that will not be to develop qualities of good leadership that will help in the creation of a superior nation in future.

Students of today face a world that constantly demands new knowledge and abilities, a world that requires the students to become adaptable, life – long learners in an ever changing scenario of new skills and competencies.

With this objective, we at SPA provide student oriented education that allows young adults to continuously discover their potential in an ever-changing world. As many of our parents ever, we have succeeded in of opportunities beyond the class room. At SPA we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and all that we endeavour.

The work of the school was not confined to school limits, but it expanded and covered the spiritual and cultural needs of the inhabitants of the region. There are many activities to mention. We have organised a number of competitions which includes Pat Fest Inter School Cultural, Interschool Patrician Football, Basketball and Volley Ball tournament. In the field of sports and games team have also made their mark at the zonal level by winning the competitions organised by State Board.

As it is Said, it takes a whole village to raise a child. Indeed it takes patience, understanding and a will to excel in all of us who are dedicated to nurture our Youth and impart holistic education.

Let’s continue our journey of excellence with the shared mind set of shared goals and aspirations to be the best that we can be for a meaningful and satisfying outcome.

“Knowledge is not intelligence but imagination is!” May it be a tremendous success.

Thank You.

Bro.Johnpaul Yuvaraj
Correspondent & Principal