Rules For Boarders
  • The school wishes to inform the parents that every School is basically a Institution and observes no protocol and no preferential treatment. You visit the School at appointed times as parents only and not as somebody who holds a place or authority in the society. We wish to get your willing co-operation in this regard.
  • If, for your own reasons or for any other reason, a boarder is not returning to the boa and school for the next academic year 2016-2017. The parents are requested to infc —Principal in writing by 30th January 2016, through a registered letter.
  • Your ward's candidature as an old boarder for re-admission to Class XI and all the phv thereof cannot be availed. if admission is not confirmed in time. In case you approac-later date for admission, your ward will be treated as one among the new applica-a admission.
  • Boarders will be allowed to be taken out of the campus only will the permission of the Hostel Warden or the Brother-in-charge, in the absence of the Warden.


  • Pupils must attend school regularly and be punctual for class. They should arrive at the school atleast ten minutes before the first bell is rung. Any pupil coming late will not be allowed to enter the class without permission from the Headmaster.
  • Absence from school must be supported by a leave letter from the parent or guardian of the pupil. If absences on account of illness lasts for more than three days, the application for leave must be made to the Headmaster accompanied by a Regd. Doctor's Certificate.
  • Pupils must come to school neat and tidy in their dress. Pupils who do not come in full uniform will be excluded from the class.
  • Pupils absent from examinations will be considered as having failed, unless it is established that their absence was due to illness.
  • No pupil is permitted to engage any of the school teachers as private tutors in the school without the written sanction of the Headmaster.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without permission from the Headmaster.
  • It is forbidden to write, scribble or splash ink on the school or compound walls or in any way disfigure or damage school property. Severe action will be taken against pupil not adhering to this rule. The cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to the parents.
  • Hands in pockets, slouching gait, untidy dress, dirty shoes, being unwashed and in the case of senior students, unshaven, are misdemeanours. Courtesy to staff, visitors and fellow-students is expected at all times.
  • Every pupil must take part in physical training and games unless declared unfit on medical grounds or exempted by the Headmaster. Pupils are forbidden to join any outside sports organisation without prior permission from the Headmaster.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost by pupils. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles (expensive watches, fountain pens or gold ornaments) to school.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to have cellular phones in their possession on the school premises and if it is captured, it will be destroyed in the presence of the owner,) a fine and other disciplinary action will also be taken.
  • All pupils must attend the general assembly daily at 9.15 am. Students will assemble class wise and absolute silence must be maintained while they get into line and while going to their respective classrooms.
  • Those who go home alone, particularly after games, should not loiter on the way, but be prompt in returning home.
  • Fire works will not be allowed inside the campus in connection with any festival or celebration.
  • The school reserves to itself the right to dismiss pupils whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other pupils or whose guardians and parents show little interest in their progress.
  • All pupils must participate in the games programme. Credit will be given for effective participation.
  • The Character Certificate while may be issued to a pupil when leaving the school will depend entirely on his behaviour during his school career; ie. on how he has kept the School Rules.
  • The pass mark in all subjects for all students in 40%. Consideration will be shown for co-curricular and extra-ccurricular activities. The school has the following clubs, viz.